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Are we now to be unpaid tax collectors for HMRC ?

Have any other agents received phone calls from HMRC asking them to chase clients to pay outstanding tax. In my case the call related to an £3k corporation tax liability payable 1 May 2009. The call came from a HMRC call centre and the caller appeared to have no details as to the value or age of the outstanding liability. From what I gather he was working through a list of agents to call to chase unpaid tax. Are we now expected to act as tax collectors as well as tax advisers ?

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Late night heart melting, hand wringing phone calls

Ronnie Stanley |
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We always have been unpaid collectors

Anonymous |

Chasing Self Assessment Returns

Anonymous |

yes - they are called Telephone pursuit unit

Anonymous |

Father Jack had the appropriate response..

memyself-eye |
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Tim Kingcott

timkingcott |

But there is a plus side

lizmoss |