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Asset Register Updated


Just like to see whether any one else has had the following scenario and what they did, if anything.

I'm preparing accounts for a client, second year of acting for them, and have requested an update record of assets held as the previous accountant never supplied a register nor, as it seems, ever prepared one. Having received my clients list of current assets held it bears no resemblance to the assets on the balance sheet! Turns out for seven years no checks were made for any additions/disposals thus the balance sheet is inaccurate. Anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts be appreciated

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Which way

thisistibi |
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Cost c/f to actual

bigmuggsy |

You say this is the second year of acting;

Richard Willis |
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Asset verification

Asset Tracker |

Rushed First Year

bigmuggsy |

Rushed First Year (2)

Asset Tracker |


Steve Holloway |
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You say this is the second year of acting;

perrylampard |
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Fixed Assets Register

Jehnavi |