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Attaching PDF files

Ok, January done (more or less) and now moving on to the next problem.

We currently file tax returns (Taxcalc software) and P35s (IRIS/HMRC software)online and are now gearing up for the next phase (CT600 and VAT).

My question is this -

Looking into the future, we see the need to attach .pdf files to Revenue submissions, the most urgent one being Capital Gains computations in April.

We do not have the software to create .pdf files and I was wondering what software people use?

Do you use Acrobat, or one of the other ones to download of t'interweb.

The main criteria are:

easy to use
low cost (not going to be used THAT often).


Also, we will need to be able to save excel and word documents as .pdf files!

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Lisa Sheppard

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Check if it maintains hyperlinks

Anonymous |

pdf files

pauljohnston |

Free PDF

post131 |

Agreeing with previous posts

martincassis |

If your look into the future includes scanning

Sherman Holter |

PDF and Acrobat Zone

John Stokdyk |
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Thanks all

sheppitsgal |

Bill Gates has it cracked...

iandarkwater |

Lisa: CGT computations as PDFs

andyhardy |

Open Office

Jon Stow |
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PDF free software

Anonymous |

Thank you very much

sheppitsgal |

Deskpdf from Docudesk

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