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Auditor's liability for not registering for VAT ??

A charity has been operating for 30 years. The trustees believed that as a charity it did not need to charge VAT.

An internal review lead them to question this and they approached HMRC .

They have reviewed the correspondence and guidance received from HMRC and have now registered for VAT, on the advice of their current auditors, and have received a tax bill for £500k. This seriouly threatens the very existence of the charity. Will they have recourse against their former auditors who had never questioned or raised the need to register for VAT ??

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Not enough information

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More info

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No time limit backwards...

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A supply or not - not easy to determine

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come off it

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Missing the point

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well we will have to disagree

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Do you honestly claim to be an expert in everything?

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How many auditors?

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Get specialist advice

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