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Is this Aweb site falling apart

In view of the following

  • Loss of preview button on posting
  • Inability of CSS to work on home page without a wait (1st 4 picture items)
  • Posting questions - sometimes seem to not 'take' first time resulting in a second/third button press and multiple resulting identical questions. Simple to fix, just disable the post button once it has been pressed
  • Inability to handle anon in the correct manner - i.e. associate it with the underlying poster but just show anon to the screen
  • Overall speed
  • Often in the early morning the site just doesn't respond at all
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carnmores |

Works fine for me.

Steve Holloway |
Steve Holloway's picture

I think it's fine

Luke |
Luke's picture

No problem

cathygrimmer |
cathygrimmer's picture

I find it difficult to criticise a free resource!

Richard Willis |
Richard Willis's picture