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Balance Sheet

I have recently taken over reporting duties and need some advice on what I believe should be a simple process.

Our firm has to produce a balance sheet at 6 months then a full year at the next 6 month point.

The problem is that I cannot work out how to achieve a balance when updating the 6 month figures to a full year. The issue seems to be that at 6 months there were debtors of £55000 and at the full year most of that income came in (less 1500). There are new debtors of £10000 but I cannot balance the figures with profit, share capital, and past losses.

Any ideas on what to do. I can suppy all figures if it helps.

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get a professional

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Cannot balance the balance sheet

Anonymous |

Problem is....

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annot balance the balance sheet

Anonymous |

"I am a marketing professional"

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