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Basic, online, multi-unit, multi-user book-keeping software

This is very much a niche question...

I'm involved an a not-for-profit organisation which has many voluntary groups dotted around the country, organised into regions, and finally with a Ltd company at the centre.  The Ltd company has the only payroll, as the groups are all voluntary.

What I'd like to do is increase transparency between everyone and, essentially, try to develop a culture of cash-sharing to reduce the cash levels held everywhere.  I'd also like to make the treasurer's work as easy as possible for them.

The accounting requirements for this would be simple as it would just really be fund-raising and inter-group transfers donating to the Ltd company (via the regional accounts), plus cash held etc...  However the security requirements would be more complex as group treasurers would only need to see their group, regional treasurers their region and all groups within, and central treasurers everything.

I'll put money on the fact that there's nothing to fit this out there anywhere (no luck looking so far), but I thought I'd pose the question just in case!!!

If I can provide any more detail to help answer the question then please let me know.

Many thanks for reading, and have a good Xmas break!


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