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Downloaded the trial to evaluate BTC CT Solution Express 2010 since it was recommended by VT Software (VT is by far the best product I have used, so if BTC is recommended by VT I'm assuming it's pretty good & value for money).   I can't find a Deferred Tax calc anywhere in CT Solution Express, was wondering if this is included in the slightly more expensive CT Solution 2010 product?   Was comparing against Taxcalc (which does have Deferred Tax calculator), but can't evaluate since there is no trial (although I used the SA package & liked the feel of it).   

Don't see the point in buying a tax package that doesn't have deferred tax - any thoughts on BTC or Taxcalc when using VT Final Accounts?


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i have been looking at this in a lot of packages

carnmores |
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Does it need it.

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Which BTC CT Product

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