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Becoming a self-employed bookkeeper

can anyone give me advice on becoming a self-employed bookkeeper. I am currently working in financial sales and have done so for a number of years. I have decided to look for a career that I have more control over and is a bit more specialised than just reeling off some sales pitch day in day out. I have read about people taking the plunge and starting out as freelance bookkeepers with very limited practical experience and just a bunch of qualifications under their belt. So I guess my question is, firstly is it viable to become a successful freelance bookkeeper just through studding the relevant qualifications? If so, what qualifications do I need, and what regularly bodies should I qualify with that would be most recognised and sort after by potential customers.

all advice welcome

Thanks Andy

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Money laundering aspects

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Setting up as a book-keeper

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but all disciplines need training .....

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I just hope...

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Self Employed or a Business?

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Go for it...

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your first client!!

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I am thinking of becoming a brain surgeon!

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