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Best Business Bank Account

From 1 AprilĀ  I am going to incorporate my practice. I am looking to open a business bank account. Thanks Sir Digby for raising a thread on what to do on this subject.

I looked at the following that do not have bank charges for life

Alliance Leicester now Santander

Co-operative bank - no bank charges since I am a member of FSB.

I would be grateful for recommendations of a good business bank account. No bank charges and easy to deposit cheques where clients insist on pay by chq.

Should I be looking for anything else apart from no bank charges and easy deposits?

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business banking in branch

neutru |

I'm with Santander

Flash Gordon |


Flash Gordon |

Who's the least bad

rhangus. |

Business banking

ade19710 |


cymraeg_draig |
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Business Bank Manager

ShirleyM |
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Santander and Natwest

KeithDean |
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I would avoid NAT WEST / RBS at all costs !!

jpcc1 |

They are all rubbish ....

Steve Holloway |
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42 years with HSBC

Richard Willis |
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Santander all the way for me

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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MarionMorrison |
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Santander too

Luke |
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Santander (ex Alliance & Leicester)

chatman |

Abbey - Santander

sarah douglas |


The Naked Accountant |
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Valentina744 |