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Best way to dispute item on BT bill, anyone?

Have just queried with BT why an item appeared on my bill dated 6 May to number 118507 Directory for 3.03 minutes cost £4.70. The adviser told me this is Directory Enquiries. I have not called Directory Enquiries for years and years and would not dream of doing so. But apparently someone did, and according to the adviser they must have used my phone. As I am the only one here and no-one else has access to my property, let alone my phone and I didn't make the call I told him this was unacceptable and put the phone down.

I sent a message to BT complaining via their website but I'll bet they give me the same answer.

Can anyone think of anything else I could do?

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i know its the principle of the thing

carnmores |
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BT complaint

bernard michael bayly |

Thanks for your thoughts!

Moonbeam |
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it starts with a complaint

listerramjet |
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BT are a pain in the *ss

mark589 |

Well, BT are Good Boys after all!

Moonbeam |
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