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Beware - clients tax statement errors!

Have any other readers come across this particular problem?

We have just received our 600 or so clients statement of accounts and I have noticed that out of the first 200 I have reviewed at least 4 clients addresses seem to have changed back to addresses that they vacated at least 6-7 years ago. I have phoned HMRC and alerted them of this - it seems that all the addresses have been changed by the Revenue computer but no-one seems to know why at present. This creates a problem in that this Junes statements are now being sent to obsolete address - even though past statements have gone to the correct addresses!! This of course may hinder some clients in paying the tax due at the end of July 2007!

Is this just me or is this going to be a nationwide issue?
Iain Lindsey

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Revenue help??

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address changes

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