Big Four or Grant Thornton for future prospects?? Need advice from those in practice and industry.


I'm currently a third year economics student who has offered graduate positions in Audit at 2 Big Four firms and Grant Thornton.

I am currently drawn to Grant Thornton, due to broader range of experience, better training towards ACA, possible future growth increasing scope to rise through the ranks quicker. Also, the fact they work with a large number of AIM clients increasing scope to work as an FD in these as they grow. However, I'm drawn to the Big Four solely due to their reputation as a Big Four firm and FTSE 100 clients. 

If I was to opt for Grant Thornton, will it inhibit my future career prospects and exit opportunities? For example, If I want to join a FTSE 100 as a FD or maybe move across to a Banks finance department or maybe front office. 

I've tried to ask careers advisors at my university but they do not know that much about the profession. If anyone in practice or industry can let me know their thoughts or experience of the issue, it would be much appreciated. I will be getting my ACA from all 3 firms also. 

Also, in regards to Grant Thornton, with all the current talk of audit reform, what do you think are its future growth prospects compared to the big four?

Thanks a lot!



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thisistibi |
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I'd opt for Big 4 too


I'd vote for Grant Thornton

Malcolm McFarlin |
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@ exam faliure

thisistibi |
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Depends on your career goals

zarathustra |
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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

Grant Thornton

pp2 |

As a trainee.....Grant Thornton

Smithcp |

I'd go for the Big 4

Luke |
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