Just interested in everyones opinion, IMO you tend to stick with what you know as the time at the foot of the learning curve can't always be found for a new product.

I'll start the ball rolling

At a very basic level, MYOB and DOSH are OK

SAGE has limits but does the job. Easy to export to Excel and work on if needed (including importing TB to IRIS)

I have a psychotic hatred of Quick Books/Quicken due to bad experience many years ago - these things scar you for life!

Have great expectations of IRIS Accounts Office, but need to find the time to learn it more intimately.

In terms of trail, I've yet to find anthing to beat a properly analysed, accurately cast and reconciled monthly cash book, especially if coupled with a simple purchase and sales day book (i.e. invoice date, supplier/customer name, gross amount and date paid). Not so good for detailed management reports, but 90% of clients don't want/need that anyway! The tendancy with computer packages is to have hundreds of P&L headings with £10-20 in each.
Old Greying Acountant

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One more vote for VT

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VT and TAS

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VT is the best

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TAS is the best

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Inteprise worth consideration?

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Bookkeeping packages

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DIY Accounting

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"Can't see how MORE is different from Sage/Quickbooks"?

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VT is best

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Old Greying Acountant

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more software

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TAS Books

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Again for VT

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Another vote for VT

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You have just described

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VT Transaction +

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Microsoft Office Accounting

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