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Bookkeeping package for printer

I am looking to set up a bookkeping sytem with a client who has a print and design business

Ideally, the software package will include a job costing module to include; timesheets to capture hours spent on design work, raw materials to capture purchase of paper / ink / card etc and then a nominal ledger etc to flow into management and financial accounts

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Ian Cooper
Ian Cooper

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Start with the basics but don't try and re-invent the wheel.

RogerNeale |
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Depends on budget

asdesign |

Start with the Estimating side?

David Carter |

Online software

David2e |
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Late Hours!

asdesign |

Current systems

woocoop |

Access Accounts

Anonymous |


aliduthie |

Estimating first

mrtrub |


asdesign |

Trial Acceptum BS

3569787 |
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