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BTC or Tax Calc?

Its that time of year again, need to choose tax software. Having using BTC last year, am thinking of using Tax Calc but find it a little long winded compared to the way you enter only the data you need into BTC and it populates the tax return. (Not happy with the way BTC prints the entire tax return when even on Ftax you can print the Full or completed pages only). Am considering the move as the GUI, and overall management appear to better on Tax Calc. Having only had a quick look at the demo of TaxCalc perhaps there are quicker ways to use it.

Has anyone experiance of using both software's that can share their views? 

Many Thanks

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Not exactly an answer to your query, but .....

ShirleyM |
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Taxcalc Hub

Flash Gordon |

What about LLP's?

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Decision made

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Thanks Shirely

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Your kind words

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