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Buying A practice

I am in the process of buying a tax consultancy practice near birmingham, have turnover of 100K and established for 14 years, have more than 95% of self employed and self assessment tax return,mostly subcontractors,5% ltd companies and bookkeeping,

I need advise from experts or who bought in past,

1-What should my offer? seller looking for 120K,

2-How many installments ?


3-Clawback period ?

4-Anyother thing which i should be carefull,because of area,nature of clients,future prospects etc,


Many thanks in advance

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Too high

Tosie |

Agree with previous poster

Locutus |
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Check the files

Ken Howard |

Buying A practice

nexventure |

Still seems high

The Minion |
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oh and another thing

The Minion |
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