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To claim do you submit an EPS once or each month?
By LindaP54 Click4tax 17 min 28 sec ago 29 1
Import VAT can be set off against output VAT liability or not
By Chintan 23 min 57 sec ago 22 1
Investment income
By qwertyqwerty05 35 min 32 sec ago 19
Are you entitled to two allowances
By ieb123 13 hours 35 min ago 131
Does unpaid share capital attract s455 liability?
By pingu10 16 hours 38 min ago 269 5
recovery of S455 on informal winding
By nick farrow 16 hours 54 min ago 157 2
What's the best option for a non resident director of a limited company to be paid?
By poika 17 hours 34 min ago 85
What's the best way of owning a 4-way property partnership?
By chewmac 18 hours 44 min ago 121 1
Can Final Dividend be approved by Shareholders on draft accounts
By davidmjones1 18 hours 53 min ago 177 1
I have a client interested in buying a buy-to-let property with an interest only mortgage.
By CA-London 19 hours 37 min ago 361 6
ccaspell's picture
Does IR35 bite where an individual is working as a contractor for an EU company?
By ccaspell 20 hours 26 min ago 135 1
Nine or ten employees?
By David Smith 21 hours 7 min ago 313 7
By jaxx789 21 hours 49 min ago 100
Can tax relief be claimed if paying for partner?
By Southbankdelboy 21 hours 51 min ago 265 4
AccountingWEB's picture
Trying to get hold of anyone at HMRC to discuss this matter is increasingly frustrating.
By AccountingWEB 22 hours 9 min ago 674 14
Can a 'Care home' claim employers allowance
By amwraith 22 hours 31 min ago 178 1
Paying for staff from other group companies
By CEL 22 hours 34 min ago 277 3
I have a client who has just returned after working in Dubai for 3 years
By nmfs 22 hours 36 min ago 101
Can someone clarify UK tax treatment of salary and dividends declared from company owned entirely by
By Death 23 hours 23 min ago 75
Newco incorporated to receive a going concern to be funded through shareholder loan
By fbellhouse 23 hours 35 min ago 111 2
What is the place of supply of a recruitment agency?
By Chrisrb1975 23 hours 49 min ago 78 2
What liabilities would there be if a spouse sells a rental property after husbands death that was jo
By dbuck1015 23 hours 54 min ago 142 1
Change of accountants has caused duplicate figures
By simonsheppard1975 15 Apr 09:29 244 3
grahamstone1's picture
Any CGT?
By grahamstone1 15 Apr 08:52 220 4
Property Purchased and sold on same day
By jazz99london 15 Apr 00:35 348 6
JimH's picture
Must I invest in 3rd party software earlier than planned?
By JimH 14 Apr 19:10 220 2
US Tax ID request
By Sussex Accountancy 14 Apr 18:52 230 3
Non-resident shareholder loan written off in UK Company accounts
By marcusredford 14 Apr 17:10 460 21
Those who previously paid a salary at the primary threshold would be better off now paying it at the
By whatdoyoumeanwashe 14 Apr 14:39 430 13
Husband and wife want to reallocate % of ownership in rental property
By cheethaz 14 Apr 14:08 232 3


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