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Can anyone advise a good tax and accounts software supplier?

I have used personal and company tax software from a supplier to small practices for a  number of years, with only the occasional problem.  However, last year I added their accounts production package, which purports to export to both personal and company tax packages as appropriate, as well as producing printed final accounts.  I was hoping to have a more integrated practice before iXBRL becomes compulsory.  However, one problem follows another.  These have included incorrect and missing headings in the Company Accounts (which took weeks to fix), notes to the accounts being wrongly designed (e.g., employer's National Insurance being added in to the director's remuneration) ..... so how can I trust them with iXBRL tagging?  Then today, having posted my (final!) client's business entries within the Accounts Production package, the trial balance does not include some of the journal entries (although only balanced journals are accepted in the first place) and cannot export correctly to the self-employment pages of the tax return.  This is not the first time that a working package has been corrupted by an update, which is what may have hapened here.  Can anyone recommend a supplier who offers a reliable combination of accounts production software (self-employed and company) integrated with company tax and personal tax returns?  Our practice only needs a licence for up to 10 companies and 25 individual personal returns at present, although I was hoping to expand once I had a good working system!!  And I would like good back-up offered with the products.  Looking forward to your advice.....Thank you.

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IRIS is good, but pricey

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What are you currently using?

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Sorry Anne!

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VT and Forbes

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Absolute Accounting

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VT and TaxCalc work for me.

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VT and Legatio

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VT and FTax

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Accountany Packages

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It's not just you Monsoon

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Better the Devil you know?


More on Integration

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chatman |

can you prepare LLP accounts with Absolute?

nick farrow |

A quick thanks

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