Can't get my pivot table to produce two Grand Totals

I am trying to audit the stock provision of a client company and have extracted from Sage (and for fields marked * calculated) the following

Number in stock
Unit value
Stock value
Age (in years)*
Provision % *
Provision * (Provision % x Value)

I have used a pivot table to analyse this and it works fine - I want to use Age as a page field and have set it up with everything as rows except sum of Provision which is data

Ideally I want a total of Stock Value and of the Provision, but if I move anything into the data area Excel says I have to move a field to Page, Row or Column and there is no grand total for a row field.

I am using Excel 2003

I know I am missing something obvious - but what is it?

Chris Lloyd

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Use Sage ODBC driver into Access ..

Anonymous |

looks simple enough

David Carter |

Please clarify

Richard Willis |
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