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CCH Customer Service

I've been trying to organise software training and CCH have been very unresponsive so far.

I don't mind the idea of people telling me I can't do something or not giving me exactly what I want in terms of product offerings but CCH have been sitting on their hands. My experience so far:

 - a colleague has been chasing them to rganise training (for weeks). He has chased and CCH has ignored

 - I wrote a polite but strongly worded email to CCH about the situation. I received a response after 2 days

 - I received a call today which, after conversations with my colleagues, is contrary to what has already been agreed with CCH

Has anyone else had problems with CCH? Which of the integrated software providers provides the best customer service?

You feedback would be very welcome as we're now looking into using another provider.


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Yes, in a different situation

Rishi13 |

CCH Customer Service

David Clough |
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I wonder..

Rishi13 |

I stopped

Trevor Scott |

I won't use CCH

Red Leader |
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I do hope

Rishi13 |

Too little too late

husainweb |
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CCH Customer Service

jpgaudi |

Mark Levy Partner at Berley Chartered Accountants

Italladdsup |


husainweb |
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