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Charge rates for Human Rights tax work

For the past nearly seven years I have been pursuing a case on behalf of one of my clients for Widowers Bereavement Allowance. In November 2006 the court ruled in the lead case that the Government had indeed discriminated against widowers. However, in a (very bizarre) ruling they decided that no compensation would be due to any widowers, but that "reasonable" advocacy costs would be payable by the UK Government.

The Foreign Office won't reach a "friendly settlement" with me, or rather they will, but are only offering 400€. This is felt by myself to be derisory, as I am claiming my costs based upon a charge rate of £130 per hour, which I perceive as being reasonable.

However, in a letter today via the ECHR, the Foreign Office argue that "the accountants claim a fee rate of £130 per hour. This is clearly excessive for an accountancy firm based in Cornwall, and would even be thought a lot for an experienced barrister based in Central London".

I think this is complete balony, but in order to be sure of my facts, before I get back to the Court, I wonder if other accountants around the country would just let me know what their rates for similar work would be, as I want to present my argument based upon facts and not speculation.

Many thanks in advance to all who respond.
John Savage

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Sounds reasonable

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Tax Barrister

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Can someone find me an experienced Central London Barrister

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Sticking to guns...

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Cost formula?

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charge out rates

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Typical charge rates...

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£500 per hour

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Hi John

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In what sense...

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