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Cheap or free accounting software?

I am a recently appointed treasurer to a charitable club running an after school care service for children. We are part grant funded by the local authority and as such need to be transparent with our income and costs, and at present its a bit of a mess.

I wanted to try to introduce some kind of electronic book keeping, to help with invoicing parents, tracking payments, and generally understanding our financial position. It seems as though there are a number of free or small business (cheap) packages out there but I don't have time or experience to evaluate them properly.

I would welcome any advice or recommendations that anyone has.


Adam Lee
CASCS Scheme
Adam Lee

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software needed

shaunmcguinness |
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Try one of SaaS options

Martyn.Shiner |

Winweb, VT or Cash Book Pro...

Anonymous |

I would go with Nick

skylarking |

no such thing as a free lunch!

listerramjet |
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Horses for courses.

Chris Smail |
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Online Bookkeeping

mike parkes |