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CIS Online problems ?

Ever since CIS online came on stream we have built our list of authorised clients ; mainly by submitting manual FBI2 forms as the online authorisation does not work for area codes starting in "0" ; but have nothing to work with under each client . The subcontractor lists are empty even though the Revenue have sent out printed lists of pre authorised subcontractors ; we have filed the first monthly return via our authorised third party software and received email acknowledgement but these returns do not show in the online system history . We have tried online verification about 4 weeks ago - there is no history and we only received an acknowledgement this week ( after the filing deadline ) by which time we took the step to telephone verify them ( which seems the safest option and keeps lots of operatives in a job ) .

On phoning the helpline ( for the umpteenth time in the last 6 weeks ) I was told this was the first call of its kind she had received ! Personally I think they are covering up . They told me 2 weeks ago of a problem with PAYE area codes starting with "0" but it was due to be resoleved in days . They also intimited there was a huge backlog on online verification .

I just wonder if other agents are being fobbed off with pathetic excuses and experiencing the same problems ?
Ken Pritchard

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put it back another year

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Problems? Just a few!

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