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Claiming expenses without receipts


Hi, I joined the company as an accountant in Jul 10 and now am reviewing the Year End account ending Jul 10.I noticed that most expense (Marketing, Computer, Office exp, Travel, etc) do not have the receipts for and the company made a loss of £35k. Do I need to exclude the expenses for which I do not have receipts for from the P&L or just add them back to arrive at Profit Chargeable for CT or can I leave them the way they are? Also I was wondering if there is a limit on expense that company is allowed to claim without having physical receipts for? Please help. Many Thanks,OV

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Claiming expenses without receipts

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Google ....

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I would expect to see

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Cash Witdrawals

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Then ...

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Google Adwords

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Expenses, without receipts

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Expenses without receipts

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A defined policy can be of help

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Entertainment - We live to eat (HMR&C)

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