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Clients who do not respond to queries

What is the best way to proceed with clients who do not respond to your letters, e.mails and phone calls. I have a husband and wife who are a partnership and in the middle of an Inland Revenue enquiry. I have to send all my letters by recorded delivery as apparently none of my letters ever reach them! There has been one meeting with the Revenue which only the husband and myself attended. This raised further queries from the Revenue but despite my e.mails, phone calls and letters they did not respond to my requests for details.On the threat from the Revenue of an assessment being raised the wife wrote directly to the Revenue, I do not know what was in the letter and she has not discussed it with me. The Inspector then telephoned her direct to arrange another meeting, even though I had asked for all future queries to be made by correspondence only. She has agreed to another meeting with the Revenue with her and her husband being there, but again she has not contacted me to discuss this. The husband and wife are not on good terms which adds to the problem. I have not heard from either of them for some months - where do I go from here as they seem to now be dealing with the Revenue direct?
Lin Williams

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Too much of a co-incidence?

Anonymous |

Clients who do not respond

RosieBell |

Goodnight Vienna

WallyGandy |
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I honestly think this is a case of being caught

AnonymousUser |

I may be wrong but from the information

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Bin them!

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Bill them and resign asap

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Get rid

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