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Colleague in desk drawers...

Further to the "snorting employee" post, any ideas on how to deal with a colleague who goes into my desk drawers to get labels and paper clips and the like, when I am actually sitting at my desk? They are a relatively new employee and I have been showing them some aspects of how to do their job. It is really my own fault for not stopping them when they started doing it, but now it really irritates me and I'm not sure of the most painless way to deal with it other than to just tell them to stop and use their own drawers! I hate any kind of confrontation, especially since we have to sit next to each other.

Any diplomatic ideas?

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thisistibi |
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Or ....

Steve Holloway |
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I prefer Steve's solution

andypartridge |

snort a problem

pembo |
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Try this

RFox |

Do they know where to get stationery from?

Flash Gordon |


Monsoon |
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I'd give my right arm...

Cirius di Lemma |

Push all your stuff to the back of the drawer

Richard Willis |
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