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In looking for a new monitor, I visited Curry's and PC World for advice (ha Ha!).

All their monitors were widescreen and I was told this was the only kind available these days. Aimed at the home market. Dell only seem to have widescreen monitors.

But to my mind, a widescreen reduces the vertical visible area and most business applications are oriented this way. i.e. a Word document scrolls up and down more than side to side. So you need a high monitor rather than a wide one.

Therefore you need to buy a much bigger monitor to get the same vertical viewing size.

My first reaction is that the world is wrong and I am right. But have I missed something? Should I be buying a widescreen or what are the options?


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Euan MacLennan |
Euan MacLennan's picture

Laptops too

mikewhit |

Widescreen is actually better

Anonymous |

90 degrees?

Anonymous |

portrait monitors

mhorsnell |
mhorsnell's picture

Go 24"

welsh_dragon |
welsh_dragon's picture

open wide

pawncob |
pawncob's picture

Mouse movement

neileg |

Seriously a case where wider=better

TomMcClelland |
TomMcClelland's picture

Better for Excel (IMHO)

stephen_hoare |

Don't chuck your old screen away.

Richard Willis |
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appacc |


IanF |

Widescreen monitors

fisch4billf |


Anonymous |

21 or 24"

pauljohnston |