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Conditional formatting help in excel needed please

Hi, I have a column in my spreadsheet for recording the progress of a task for the client in that row. In that column I'll enter either c (as in "c for charlie"), 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. I would like the whole row to turn a certain colour (different for each) once the progress number (or letter c) is entered. I know how to use conditional formatting to make the whole row turn a certain cololur when one of those characters are entered, but as there are 6 I would need 6 conditions/crtieria boxes on the conditional formatting menu but there are only 3. Hope that makes sense!

Does anyone know a way round this? I don't have excel 2007 and there are no plans to upgrade any time soon in our office. I've searched the web and one website suggests using the OR function but I don't think this would work as I have 6 different formats. Another website lists some VB code which I tried out but it was just to make a single cell that colour. I am not very experienced with this so if someone would be kind enough to give me a noddy copy and paste job if VB is the only way then I would be very grateful! I have the index numbers ready of the colours I want for each progress number/letter.

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Try using this VB code

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Here's a link to my attempt in 2003

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Thanks Alan that's brilliant! :-D

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