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conflict of interest

Would be very interested to hear the views of people in Local Government on this.

My local authority is rather vague when it comes to requiring staff to make declarations in situations where there could be a conflict of interests. We have recently identified a situation in the Benefits Section where there a member of staff had not declared that he was a friend of someone receiving Council tax benefit, and had recommended that an outstanding debt existing should be written off for reasons that have proved to be invalid.

This set us wondering what other Local Authorities do in terms of declaring interests and barring access to specific accounts where there is a declared relationship. My authority currently makes a note in a register, where staff have declared an interest, but there are no clear guidelines.  

Immediate thoughts are that interests should be declared, and lead to barred access, to accounts for benefit recipients and NDR and Council tax payments of family, friends, & neighbours.  

Is this the norm in other local authorities, how is it applied? Any views and tips would be most welcome



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A sensitive issue

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Conflict of Interest

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Alleged theft by employee

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