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Corporation tax for non-profits


We are a non-profit organization, working in overseas development and conservation and registered as a company limited by guarantee in England since 2005.   We have just received the CT04 Corporation Tax review form and I would just like some advice on filling it out. We have a small reserve fund but do not make any profit, and rely on donations from charitable trust funds and private individuals.  All our staff are volunteers. I assumed that we would not be liable for Corporation Tax, but I just wanted to know what to expect from HMRC when I return the form.

Thanks, Chris


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The short answer...

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You say "all spent on charitable work"

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Are you also registered with the Charity Commission?

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Can I clarify a bit for you

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Don't anticipate a problem

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One last thought...

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You don't need to be a registered charity to reclaim gift aid

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