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Corporation tax query

I am a part qualified ACCA student studying Taxation F6 and am struggling to understand the following question, I'm sure its very simple but after reading the book and notes I still cant figure this out. I have tried to answer the questions but need the reasoning behind the answers to help me remember. Thanks


Identify the corporation tax accounting periods relating to the following periods of account??

A. A Ltd prepares accounts for the yr to 31 Dec 2010

B. B Ltd prepares accounts for the six months to 31 Oct 2010

C. C Ltd prepares accounts for the sixteen months to 31 Dec 2010

D. D Ltd is incorporated on 1st April 2009 remaining dormant until trading on 1st Oct 2009. It then makes accounts up to 30th Sept 2010

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Here goes

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Corporation Tax Periods can't exceed 12 months so ...





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