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I'm a sole practicitioner based inĀ Telford and I'm looking for a new ways of doing CPD, I currently attend courses and to be honest these are both expensive and of little value to me or my clients in terms of what they bring.

wandered what other sole practitioners do, e.g. courses, online etc and if any one can recommend any good providers?

thanks in advance

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Nichola Ross Martin |
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Anonymous |

i'm a sole practioner as well

Anonymous |


Anonymous |


taxspecialist2 |

Verifying CPD

Nichola Ross Martin |
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No certificate for verifiable CPD?

stepurhan |
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Does browsing accounting web count as CPD?

Anonymous |

CPD alternatives

scohen |
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I certainly count accountingweb

wardandco |

"reading the any answers gives me valuable information"

Anonymous |

There's another way of looking at this

bookmarklee |
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As a contributor to many of those mentioned

RebeccaBenneyworth |
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ACCA CPD online and free

[email protected] |
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