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CRM Update - Is there a good system for accountants?

As a small but developing practice (3 users); we are currently reviewing what is available on the CRM side.  We use for accounts, VT Software and Taxcalc for Taxation.  Also require something that is compatable with Outlook.  It needs to have a centralised Calandar, Task List and act as a reasonable database for updating client records etc.  We have used ACT in the past but it can only be trusted on one machine and now we would prefer to move away from this product.

We are not adverse to using on-line software but would probably prefer to own it, if possible.

Any reasonable help would be gratefully received, we have had contact from Taxcalc about their hub system but (and we can concur) their focus was on managing the XBRL change and therefore not on developing this useful tool.  Does anyone know of the future developments concerning CRM etc?


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Kryton |
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Another vote for HQ for Accountants

SteveOH |
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No workable demo

Ken Howard |


Kryton |
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Some previous material on AccountingWEB

John Stokdyk |
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HQ4A is expensive

apacarada |

CRM integrates with Iris, Digita, CCH and others

iandc6 |
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