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CT nightmare

 Before I start my rant let me say that the administration of CT runs very well for all of my clients except for 1.

I have today sent CT returns (2 returns) for a long period ended Apr-09 for the third time.  These were the company's first returns and the first submission was on time and the tax due paid on time.  Tax for Apr-10 has been paid but I have not yet filed the return, being brave I have this client down as my first Xthingy return.

The first two submissions, with the 64-8, have not been received, lost, wiped out or just vanished into a black hole. 

HMRC have issued a determination and have now handed the CT due (via the determination) over to the debt management unit.  They have also issued fines totalling £700, no doubt the £1,000 will be issued shortly.

I cannot talk to HMRC as they have not processed the 64-8 even though I have faxed it over to HMRC when I was losing the will to live.


Chances of the returns being processed?

Chances of getting the fines revoked?

Chances of my client believing me when I say I have filed the returns?


Rant over.

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