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CT600 query

Our company was incorporated in December 1999 and will draw up its first accounts to 31.12.2000. My questions are:

(i) Given that we commenced trading in June 2000 do all our profits fall in to the period 1.4.00 onwards?

(ii) As we have profits of say £13500 what is our liability to CT? I understand that there are 10% and 20% rates but I cannot get my head round this marginal rate calculation?

I know this is really a question for our accountants but our particular one seems to charge us £100 every time we seem to pick the phone. Yes we are looking to change!

Many thanks in advance
Samantha Jennings

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Corporation tax liability

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Tony is correct

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CT600 June 2000 to December 2000

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Marginal rate relief

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