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Current Charge out Rates for Sole Practitioners

I am a sole practitioner who has suddenly realised that my charge out rates are a bit out of date.

I currently charge out for this year at £40 per hour for work in my local area (more if it is London)

Is this much too low for a charterd accountant? I have been increasing by inflation each year for since 1998 but I was told that the big six are now charging £165 per hour for a newly qualified! That makes me think a should be charging at least £80 per hour.

Any feedback?
Toni Mendelow

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Fixed fees are the answer

Anonymous |

Sole practioner with 4 accounts staff

Anonymous |

Are you sole without staff?

AnonymousUser |

Thanks I will think about variable and fixed rates

TMA Accounting Ltd |

Variable but alot is fixed

Anonymous |