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Is Digita Accounts Production Software fit for purpose?

We have just finished inputting data for our first limited company accounts on Digita Accounts Production Software, ready to export to XHTML/iXBRL. However when we tried to export them to XHTML/iXBRL, the export failed and the error message indicated that there was something wrong with the XML coding in the accounts.

We called Digita Technical Support but to our surprise all support calls were and still are being diverted to an answering machine. The outgoing message said we should either email our query to their support team or try to find the answer to our query by reviewing the support page of their website. We followed their advice and reviewed their support page but we could not find the answer.

We then emailed the error message to Digita Technical Support and we got an automated email saying that we "may find the answer by reviewing their ‘Known Issues and Assistance Guide" or by watching their "Training Videos”. This was obviously a cop out as their guide and videos do not cover this query.

We have been waiting for two days now and no one at Digita has contacted us.

Has anyone else had this experience with Digita? Is Digita Accounts Production Software fit for purpose? Should we ask them to refund our money and move to Iris or VT Software?

Any advice will be greatly received.

Thank you.

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No problem with VT

happy |
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two days is nothing!

two sheds |
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two days is nothing!

two sheds |
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we had a lovely letter from Digita today apologising and explain

carnmores |
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Digita support seems to be rather stretched.

newmoon |

getting there

two sheds |
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I'm so glad I moved back to VT from Digita!

Monsoon |
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Dont get me started...

ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

Digita have messed up

petersaxton |
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Clunky but it works for me

stiga |
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Phone call this morning

petersaxton |
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Nice to know its not just us!

Katharine007 |

VT - another vote :)

Flash Gordon |

I'll vouch for Flashs' comments

ShirleyM |
ShirleyM's picture

Digita Accounts & IXBRL

bharathathi |

Should we stay or should we go?

lisa65 |

Contact account manager

petersaxton |
petersaxton's picture

Account manager

lisa65 |

Just ask

petersaxton |
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Expanding other debtors and creditors

malc901 |

And I Thought It Was Just Me!!

tabrop |

Feel the same

stephenward69 |
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