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Dismiss Valentine's Day

I just got back from my Sunday Tesco shopping. So many men rushing around buying flowers/chocs for their whoever. Why do men leave it to the last minute - is is something in our genes? Or do men look for last minute bargains!

I would say dismiss Valentine’s Day since it is superficial and consumerist that makes new couples anxious, old ones stressed, and singles depressed.

I love this - last year Saudi police released a strongly worded statement prohibiting stores from selling items that are red, heart-shaped or otherwise related to Valentine’s Day, which is banned in that country.

Dismiss Valentine's Day and keep Sunday's Special law. It will make me really happy!

Rant over.


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Oh dear ...........

cymraeg_draig |
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Men are life's procrastinators

SteveOH |
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cymraeg_draig |
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last minute dot com

lenny |
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Valentines -- pah!

Steve Holloway |
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thisistibi |
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Missed it

andypartridge |


cymraeg_draig |
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PennyC |


naomi2000 |
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I have been misunderstood

FirstTab |
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Great for the unattached

taxhound |
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cymraeg_draig |
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It's just a bit of fun

Luke |
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