Do the Revenue leave the phone off the hook? Or do they ever answer their phones?

Could I ask if anyone else has problem communicating with the Revenue? On calling the local office for a Corporation Tax query, I found the phone constantly engaged. Busy I thought - I'll leave a message get them to return my call. No, engaged at 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm then I retired (bed only), 6am 7am 8am and then throughout the day.

Now I am calling the National DIY team only to experience the same. I then decide to phone the VAT advice line, who answer, but surprise, surprise - their assistants are all busy and I get cut off. Then tried the website. E-mail bounced back there is apparently a problem with MY browser settings.

I need an urgent answer to reply within their timescales, you know 30 days from the date of the letter, which arrived after 15 days in the hands of the incompetent Post Office. I can't wait for the similar to happen or indeed for a written query to spend the usual 15 days in a Revenue in-tray.

Any suggestions?

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Same old same

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Working together

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CT far worse

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As agents

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Put everything in writing

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Often writing is also futile

alansmoore |

Same old problems

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Authorised agent

Chris Wise |

I know, I know, very frustrating.

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Taxpayers Charter

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