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Does Intuit's QuickBooks Online move validate Cloud computing?

I'm just preparing an article now about Intuit's QuickBooks Online beta test programme. I've not signed up myself yet and am just collecting details, but with the online vacuum among the market leaders, I was wondering if the new version will open a few more doors for Cloud computing in accountancy.

If you are a QuickBooks user, are you likely to take part in the beta programme? And would you consider taking on the online version?

If you're not a QuickBooks user, does the fact that the #2 player in the desktop accounting market have a web-based version in the offing make any difference to you?

I ask because we've identified the strong hold of Sage and QuickBooks in the software market as one of the barriers to progress of Cloud accounting. If the QuickBooks experiment can win converts, I was wondering whether that would overcome some of the concerns about Cloud applications that have been voiced in the past by AccountingWEB members.

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At least in the UK

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Here's our initial take

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Cloud Computing

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They have to be joking

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Thanks for a great rundown, John

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No problem

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