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Does new trader get double AIA?

I am unclear as to how much AIA this new trader is entitled to for the one month's trading falling into 10/11...

May - Aug 2008: pretrading capital expenditure of £1,305. (AIA maximum £50k for 08/09 applies to this expenditure)

There was a delay in being able to start the business, and the unused equipment was brought into use on 1/3/11.

A van was purchased at the beginning of March 2011 for £12,592. (AIA maximum £100k for 10/11 applies to this expenditure)

Is he allowed a twelfth of 50k, a twelfth of 100k, or some combination of the two?

What a nightmare CAs have become!





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Two aspects

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That's not quite right

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AIA allowances

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