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Employment contract restricts member's future

I left practice within the last year to work in industry but my position is under threat as the company is experiencing difficulties.

My previous contract whilst in practice specified that I could not act in a similar role to that of my previous employer within a 5-mile radius for 2 years. Is this reasonable and would it stand up legally?

Clearly I need to work to feed my family and my expertise is as a Chartered Accountant so if an alternative position is not available elsewhere it may become necessary for me to take any work I can as a sole practitioner.

Surely as long as I stay away from previous clients (which I intend to do) there should be no issues but I just wanted some opinions from fellow professionals.

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Sounds resonable

lenny |
lenny's picture

Not a lawyer but...

Steve McQueen |
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Most of these fail

Richard Willis |
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Caution observed and pragmatic approach

stepurhan |
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I think

geoffmw |

Get it scrapped.

cymraeg_draig |
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Employment contract restricts member's future

wetson |

Not a legal consideration

Trevor Scott |

This makes their position even weaker...

frustratedwithhmrc |
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Agree with CD

The Naked Accountant |
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Is your current firm still owed money as auditors?

mtyler |

A bribe?

cfield |
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Restraint of trade

richardterhorst |
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