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Engaged number at Cumbernauld

I received a phone call from a client late Janaury to say he just realised he had paid the Company CT payment due 01 February 2011, using his SA payslip! 

On Janaury 31, I rang the agent line and they agreed to arrange to remove it from the SA account and arrange to go to the CT account. His online SA account shows the money transfered out of the SA account on 03 Febraury, but the company CT account has not been credited.  On Monday 14 Feb I spoke to the agent line, who said I should speak to the CT office which I did. They in turn told me to ring Cumbernauld, and warned me it was very difficult to get through as they had problems when they had tried too.

I am now on my fourth day of trying, and the telephone is permanantly engaged. The only time it is not is in the evening when there is a message to say the office is closed!

Anyone ever managed to speak to them? 

Should I write a letter to them, does anyone know if they act on correspondence? 


 (I edited this to Cumbernauld from Cumberland - however I was tempted to leave it - as "sausages" may have been more apt!)






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I spent

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Write the letter and keeping trying

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Contacting Cumbernauld

Phil Barbasiewicz |

0845 302 1426

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Engaged number at Cumberland

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Cumberland sausages

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0845 302 1426 - debt management number

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