is entrepreneurs relief available in conjunction with an ESC C16 liquidation and is it available where client maybe deceased

Client has terminal cancer and one of the options that he is keen on is to liquidate the company that he is 50% shareholder of such that funds are realised and then distributed but using ESC C16.

I know this may not be the most sensible option in terms of inheritence tax but its what he wants so on that basis. I wondered whether entrepreneurs relief is available in conjunction with using ESC C16 and in addition, given the potentially short timescales, are there any issues in terms of my client becoming deceased whereby such a claim would no longer be available? 

Assuming the ESC C16 route is taken, what is the effective date of a distribution for capital gains tax purposes ?

many thanks 



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ER irrelevant on death

cathygrimmer |
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Couple of questions

valentino rossi |
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