ESC A19 & liabilities caused by the tax code debacle

My 82 year old father-in-law to be has become very stressed lately as he had received tax demands from 2008/09 & 2009/10 which show laibilities totalling over £1,000.

This is all due to the tax code fiasco as he has never had to do a tax return.

To what extent have other people had success with using ESC A19 to get HMRC to waive the liabilities?


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Don't hold your breath

Ardeninian |

Quite a few successess

Ken Howard |

A19 worked for my client.

taxhound |
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Monsoon |
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How far back?

Anthony123 |

State pension omitted

RebeccaBenneyworth |
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A19 and old pensions

cfield |
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ESC A19 success

kevinringer |
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ESCa 19 & tax ubderpayments

hkhedr81 |