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Excel document query


i have had a 'database' created in excel  ie rows + columns of data and lots of it !


one particular column of data has  contents akin to :    " 01.12.2010 city,state country "    some of the cells are just the ' 01.12.2010   city, country'  element only

i would like to split the date element from the location element - into 2 separate fields. and to then reformat the date into a usable field [ aim of the exercise is to be able to use the date portion ] the reformat of the date - i now know to do that bit

many thanks

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ASSUMING that the date is seperated from the rest by a space (al

Richard Willis |
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Data: Text to Columns

stevie |
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To Richard and Stevie

hossy2 |

It probably will if the seperators are fullstops

ACDWebb |
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Try ...

JC |