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Excel - Missing gridlines on screen

How do I get the grey gridlines on screen to diplay again on one of my spreadsheets? I have no problem getting them on to print and they appear on other spreadsheets but I cannot find a way to get them to display in the way they used to on one particular sheet.

Most of them have disappeared as a result of me clicking on the numbers on the far left of screen and then clicking on colour-fill (paint-pot icon) to highlight a line in one colour. As I did this one or two lines at a time over a number of days using different highlighting colours, I cannot "undo". I failed to notice that when I had returned to "no fill" using the same method, the gridlines, horizontal and vertical were missing in all the affected rows.

Angela Williams

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It's something more than that

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If nothing else works ...

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While you're in that tab

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Resolved - gridlines have reappeared

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Thanks pal!

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