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I have been in practice for around 5 years and have mainly got clients from telesales. Over the past few years the telesales have dried up and clients had either gone bust (credit crunch) or have naturally left (normal churn). However, the clients that leave are not being replaced, so the general trend is going down.

My wife is pregnant and I am expecting our personal costs to increase significantly soon. I need help to increase my client base but am not sure what the best way to do this is?

I don't really want to spend much on marketing until I am sure that the money I am investing is generating a return. I have tried other marketing activities in the past an found that only telemarketing seemed to work. I am based in London (not central london) and have a very basic website (I did try a fancy one but it was costing me each month and I was not getting any prospects)

I would really appreciate any suggestions you have.



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What level of client referrals are you getting?

Ken Howard |

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Constantly Confused |
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Probably not the answer you want...

Steve McQueen |
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cymraeg_draig |
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Niche markets

davidakime |
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You need to look at your business (or yourself)

Steve Holloway |
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expand or die

benny1210 |

Many thanks for your replies

Countinformation |

Grand National

stratty |
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Look local

01638603404 |

Social networking does work

frauke |

in the short term

pauljohnston |


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cymraeg_draig |
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Expand or die

penelope pitstop |
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