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Exporting Sage Aged Debtors report to Excel

Running Sage line 50 Accountant version 13 (2007) I am trying to export a sage report (aged debtors summary) to excel to do more analysis. I've tried several methods none of which work precisely as I would wish.

Method 1: Select required report, Aged Debtors Analysis Summary. In drop down, select File, click generate report. and for save as type, select Excel .xls.

This creates an excel file which on first sight looks ok, BUT closer examination reveals that for some of the fields (Account and Name) where the value is longer, they occupy two cells which are merged.

(As an experiment, I tried changing the field width in the report designer - increasing field width made no difference, but reducing the field width solved the problem of merged cells, but the name is curtailed at less characters. I've also used the format painter to de-merge (un-merge?) the cells, but this is not ideal.)

Method 2: is as method 1, but chose Comma Separated Variable .csv as file type. This generates a blank .csv file (not only appears blank, but has 0 size.

I've tried various searches with Sage, and there is some interesting stuff on the report generator, but nothing I found addresses this specific problem.
Jeremy Hall

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caveat ....

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File > Send > Contents to MS Excel

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Use SAGE EIR add in in Excel

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Exporting Sage reports to Excel

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Aged Debtors Report to Excel

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How about

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